Kikuletwa HotSpring

Kikuletwa Hotspring
Also kown as ‘Maji Moto’ or ‘Chemka’, is a natural geothermal oasis located at Masama Rundugai ward of Hai district in Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Getting to Kikuletwa is not always about destination, but the things we get to encounter on the way to it. There are best roads to Kikuletwa/Chemka and the type of the road will depend on the time of the year.
i. During May & June we will drive through sunflower fields.
ii. During December, November and October we will drive through fields of Sugar Cane and red flowers from the trees on the road.

Activies during the day road trip at Kikuletwa/ Chemka Hotspring;
a. Swimming; we will take a dip into the pool (lukewarm temp) found at kikuletwa/Chemka Hotspring.
There are two ways of getting into the water,
i. Wooden stair case
ii. Jump into deeper part of the lagoon.
• The water at Kikuletwa/chemka has a beautiful turquoise color, almost unreal and the lagoon is surrounded by banyan trees. With the roots that cross over shore and descent deep towards the bottom of spring.
• As soon as one step onto the ladder, little fish will come after feet and start nibbling the worn out skin (dead skin) on the feet. Call it Fish Spa treatment.
• The water at the lagoon is so clear that one can easily see the bottom of it, strewn with big boulders and tree roots.
• There is current inside the lagoon, which will pull one away when he/she gets tired. Luckily there are two ropes installed to help one to hold on to.
• The water at the hot spring is not as hot as one might think, but it is lukewarm. The lukewarm temperature refreshing especially when the outside environment is hot.
• The water is deep, so if one can’t swim, it is advised to rent inflatable devise to aid in flotation.

b. Picnic Lunch; yes lunch break after swimming is a must, due to burning calories and energy when swimming. Guide will find soothing spot where we will be having French fry omelet (Chipsi Mayai) and Chicken chips (chipsi kuku) as the options and some mineral water.

Itinerary for the day trip;
Pickup time; Guide will arrive at the pickup point at the hotel, lodge or home stay, around 8:00 a.m (0800hrs). Guide will give you briefing and immediately begin drive to Kikuletwa/Chemka. It is a 1hr 30mins and cover distance of 40kms.
At Kikuletwa hotspring; we arrive at the spot pay the entrance fee and immediately begin our tour at the place and switch clothes to swimming costume. We get into swimming and relax, we will spend a total of 8hrs at Kikuletwa.
Drop off time; we exit the lagoon take shower, dry off and switch clothes to our casual wear. We then exit Kikuletwa around 4:00 p.m (1600hrs) and drive to hotel, lodge or home stay.

The day trip cost for Kikuletwa/ Chemka Hotspring includes the following;
• Entrance fee at the spring
• Private mode of transportation for the whole trip.
• English speaking guide/driver
• Picnic lunch and mineral water.

All payment is in USD or equivalent to the USD purchasing rate on the particular tour date and it is paid by cash. Please be aware that USD note minted in 2006 or prior will not be accepted as payment.