Marangu Village

Cultural Tour at Marangu Village
Marangu village is one of the places that have the access gate used in the route to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro. Therefore we will explore the slopes of the mountain, get to know history and culture of the Chagga society. Marangu has the leadership known as chiefdom with the famous Chief Mareale (Mangi Mareale).

Itinerary for cultural tour at Marangu village is as follows;
Pick up; Guide will arrive at the pickup point i.e hotel, lodge or homestay, at 8:00 a.m (0800hrs) and drive about 1hr 30min to reach Marangu village.
Waterfall walks; immediately after checking in with the village and waterfall office, we proceed with a walk towards the waterfall which is Kinuka Mori. We arrive we get to learn the story behind the waterfall and then get into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall for a swim. (Don’t forget your swimming costume)
Chagga museum; after waterfall tour, we get to the chagga museum, which we will get to understand chagga traditions by seeing the local tools used, clothes, weapons and houses (hut). We will see local chagga hut ‘thatched house’ and learn about them.
Underground Chagga tunnels; we will get to see the tunnels which were used as hiding spot for the village people during the clan wars.
Lunch break; during mid-day guide will find soothing spot for picnic Lunch, mineral water and a little break. Where we will also be having some stories concerning Marangu and guide will brief you on what will be done right after the lunch break.
Colorful local market; Marangu local market (Marangu Mtoni) is one of the big market for banana at Kilimanjaro especially Latundan Banana (Ndizi kisukari), where customers can buy retail (small quantity) or whole sale (large quantity).
Coffee and banana fields; we will also have the chance to have study tour on farm owned by locals, who have the practice of integrated farming. This is style of agriculture where local has domesticated animals like cow or goat and cultivation of coffee and banana.
Local bar visit; we will also have time to visit local chagga bar found at the village and have time to drink taste chagga local brew (mbege). The drink is made up of banana wine and millet fermented.

The price for the cultural tour at Marangu Village includes the following;
• Village fees
• Vehicle for the whole day trip
• Professional guide for the trip (fluently in English)
• Hot picnic lunch and mineral water
• Local brew tasting (mbege tasting)

All payment is in USD or equivalent to the USD purchasing rate on the particular tour date and it is paid by cash. Please be aware that USD note minted in 2006 or prior will not be accepted as payment.